As a real estate agent, you need a real estate site to get real estate leads. If you have a site, then it's vital that you're properly using SEO real estate to its fullest. The following are 6 useful SEO tips for all real estate websites.


Update directories


Updating your contact information in directories is essential for reaping big in all search engines, so make sure you enter all your information on Google Plus, Yellow Pages, Yelp and many others.


Get reviewed


Once you have updated all your directories, it is vital that you ask for reviews from your previous clients. Ask friends and relatives you've worked with before to leave reviews for you. To make things easier for them, you can email them the URL to your reviews page. All your clients are willing to help--just ask them.


Make your website responsive to mobile devices


More than 80 % of customers use their phones to shop. If your site is not properly displaying on mobile devices like tablets and phones, you're missing out on plenty of traffic from potential clients.


Check to ensure your site loads properly on mobile gadgets. Otherwise, Google will lower your ranking in search results as you aren't giving your clients the best online experience.




One of the best natural ways to boost your site's SEO is blogging. There are two ways blogging helps your website's SEO:


It gets visitors to your website and boosts your page views. When this happens, Google concludes that you've got a good site.


It encourages visitors to share and make links right back to your site. The more quality links you've got, the better your overall ranking.


Educate yourself


When it comes to search engine optimization, you need to spare some time to learn about it. SEO experts are infamous for pressuring businesspersons into upgrading their sites and agreeing to long-term contracts. Therefore, you need to know whether or not you need real estate SEO services.


Learn how to assess your site and track your presence online by reading more about the subject. Check out some authority digital marketing blogs as they're great resources for anybody looking for information on the subject.


Ensure usability



One of the keys to effective real estate SEO experts is usability. Google strongly advocates for user-friendly sites with useful information and links. Thus, make sure that the content you add is useful to visitors and offers a simple but effective interface.